Legacy Of Tyr is an Asatru- Heathen Tribe chartered in Hampton Roads, VA and Western NC.  This is a tribe built on the foundation of brotherhood by military/veteran heathens and their families for military and veteran heathens and their families.  That is what makes us stand apart from the rest of the community.

We are not affiliated with group or sub chartered under any organization within the Asatru community. We are working towards establishing ourselves as a religious 501(c)(3) and our goal is to build a safe solid working foundation for military heathens and also reach out and help the war fighter community as a whole when needed.  

We do not take an official stance as to if we are a Universalist or Folkish group, however, we do have members that hold Folkish values.   We maintain our operations within our own tribal boundaries with our own customs and culture and do not take part in heathen community politics. Individual political preferences are the business of individual members and not of ours as a group and expect them to be left outside.

Legacy of Tyr 

Warfighter Tribe Charter


Mission Statement:

  • This is a brotherhood. We are inviting men and women of the Warfighter community who hold Active Duty, Veteran, National Guard, Reserve or Department of Defense Civilian status and their family to join us as we foster a unique community tailored to support Veterans and current Service Members.

  • We are Veterans, Brothers and Sisters in uniform, and those in the Warfighter Community are our priority as well as living honorably while serving the Gods of our Ancestors.

  • Our goal is to build a tribe for our warfighter brothers and sisters who serve and have served the Armed Forces or as public servants such as Rescue Workers and Law Enforcement. We also want to help all veterans in need in our respective communities. 

  • There will be no room for discriminatory behavior or bashing of others traditions and values regardless of how Folkish or Non Folkish they are. We uphold the oath we took when we enlisted. We uphold the name of Tyr who sacrificed his hand to save mankind. We honor those who have risked life and limb for our Nation. All heathen military members and veterans are welcome to come to our public events. We also welcome the curious and NCOIC and Command figures to our public events, if they want to find out more about us to better accommodate their troops of our faith. 

  • As a neutral entity, we reserve the right to associate or not associate with whomever we chose in the Heathen community.  

  • This is a religious organization. Members non tribal political activities do not concern us whether they are right wing, or left wing. However, we expect those views to be left outside of the tribe and hold no judgement against anyone for their political preferences. We do take people's affiliations with groups into consideration on a case by case situation.  There are groups out there who might be a detriment to our mission. We reserve the right to decline membership based upon certain affiliations. 

  • Our Core Values and World View are founded on Heathen principles (pre-Christian European and Scandinavian beliefs) which are a focus on family, loyalty, honor, and reverence to our Ancestors and our Gods. Although we are mostly Asatru/Heathen based, we are not exclusionary toward other Faiths or Creeds. The primary focus of this endeavor is for Veterans and their families.

Rules for Our Outreach Operations:

  • We also allow outside kindreds and groups to become affiliates, providing they adhere to our rules and policies of code of conduct. To be an affiliate, we do not require a name change. We also allow individual members of outside kindreds to be a member of Legacy Of  Tyr's Outreach network  without compromise of any oaths or commitments to their already standing group. We, however, do expect individual members to maintain our charter rules without compromise. To be a kindred member, you must not be oathed to any other group or organization. Exceptions will be voted on by the council. 
  • We will not become involved in your disputes with other organizations that may have members within our outreach groups. This applies to Asatru groups, Veterans groups, Knitting circles, Motorcycle Clubs, Meet ups etc etc. 
  • As you wouldn't want someone poking into your personal business, stay out of other peoples. Who they choose to spend their time with, who they vote for, what their profession is, what they do for activism, or what they write on their social media is none of your concern just as yours isn't anyone elses. This is a network for our religion to promote our religion and help veterans. Keep it as such. You get one warning and this was it. However, as stated above, certain movements and affiliations with such might be a detriment to people's security clearances. We reserve the right to protect our Folk in declining people affiliated with extremist activities. 
  • Stolen Valor will be dealt with harshly.
  • This is not a dating site. Anyone making unwanted advances towards anyone in our kindred or Outreach will be met with a warning. Continuation of  unsolicited behavior will result in a ban, a public shaming, and possibly a message to your mother.
  • If you have an issue with any organization we are friends with, take it up with that organization. Unless there is something seriously bad going on like crimes against children, drug trafficking, human trafficking, embezzlement, stolen valor, mass murder, or something like ritualistic cannibalism - we don't want to hear it. We will not involve ourselves in petty disputes among organizations in our outer yard.  All accusations must also have PROOF before coming to us. We are Tyrsmen and we will hold to the law of Fairness.

  • Our "kindred" activities are private activities. We reserve the right to keep our outreach and private worship circle separate. 

We uphold the Nine Virtues:

1. Courage                   4. Fidelity                    7. Industriousness

2. Truth                       5. Discipline                8. Self Reliance

3. Honor                      6. Hospitality              9. Perseverance

We will uphold our own values:

1. No Veteran Left Behind                 4. Teamwork

2. Selfless Service                               5. Loyalty

3. Sacrifice                                          6. Family

7. Fairness

Policies For The Kindred:

The kindred is a separate entity from our main outreach and conducts itself as a private entity separate from from the outreach.  

  • We are our deeds, as such our actions can and will reflect upon our organization. There will be no representing Legacy Of Tyr at non Tribal events without explicit written consent from all members of the council. 
  • Legacy of Tyr reserves the right to dismiss or refuse membership should we feel that the conduct and values held by any given individual is incongruous with the organization’s values. 
  • You must not be Oathed to another Asatru organization  to be a kindred member here.  We do understand people move and want to maintain ties with their old kindred, and we will make certain exceptions for such circumstances.  The outreach and network happenings are a different story. 
  • Personal political opinions and agendas will be left at the door during organizational events both public and private. We are an outreach and religious group for Military Service Members and their families, not a pulpit or a soapbox. We expect our members to not discriminate against anyone's political views.
  • Those who do not meet our specific membership requirements may not serve in a role of leadership or council.
  • We reserve the right to run an appropriate background check on potential and standing members if suspicion of illegal activity arises. Anyone who has been convicted in sex crimes, and sex crimes against minors, will be denied membership and/or terminated from membership.
  • We do allow membership outside of our set requirements. These individuals MUST be voted in by the kindred, providing dedication, support, and work towards Legacy of Tyr. We call these people honorary members. The only exception to this rule is the role of the non veteran spouse.
  •  While most of our members hold moderately folkish views, we are tribalists. We pick and choose who is a good fit and who is not after  period of getting to  know someone and seeing their dedication. When we say "moderately folkish" it means the majority of our Kindred members including some leadership (at this time) lean to the Folkish side. It was never a policy, it's just how things came together. We're not hard leaning on the spectrum/issue as other organizations are. We understand that in the United States, there is the possibility of mixed ancestry.  Moderately Folkish simply means, we do see the importance of our European Ancestors, and this is an European Ancestral religion, and ideally there should be at least some European Ancestry if practicing our faith. HOWEVER, because we are tribalists above anything else, we don't hardline the issue and everyone is judged on a case by case situation on MANY factors.   Again, Everyone is welcome to our public events such as pub moots. 
  • Just as we respect anyone else's tribal boundaries we expect people to respect ours. 

Military and Veteran Spouses:
  • Spouses play a huge part in our operations as a tribe.
  • Spouses must be sponsored in by their veteran or military member
  • May obtain full membership and vote on matters when applicable.
  • May fill various positions within the tribe with the exception of the council.
  • May act as a liaison for their spouse if the spouse is absent
  • If the spouse is a council member, the spouse may not vote on the council members behalf.
  • Any and all fundraising for Legacy of Tyr must be approved by the Virginia Charter and act in accordance of law.
  • We have an “attend at will” policy for ceremonies, rituals, and events. No one is required to participate in our functions if they cannot or wish not. It does not take any baring upon membership. 
  • We are a family friendly environment and will conduct ourselves accordingly especially if children are present.
  • Spouses who are not heathen, are welcomed, but are expected to understand that this is a non Christian and religious group. As we would conduct ourselves with decorum and respect to your home, we expect that non heathen spouses do the same regardless of their faith or lack of faith when they come to ours. We refuse to get into a religious debate at our private or public gatherings. We will ask unruly guests to leave.