I had this whole idea about an article I was going write but when i sat down to write it well it just wasn't me. I am better at telling stories and sharing thoughts and experiences then i am at teaching and explaining.

With that said, please forgive the way I write. I write the way I talk, and I talk the way my brain works. With that said, I should introduce myself. My name is Nate or Nathan or “Hey you!” and most importantly Dad. A while back, I was handed the great honor of being made the Skald of this great tribe, I will do my best to live up to that honor.

I had planned on going into one of the great stories of our faith and giving my explanation on parts of it. It didn't feel right.  We all have l read them at some point, and know them or know those who could share them. So, I have decided that, yes, I will do that occasional. However, I am going to focus on documenting the stories of our tribe. When I say that, I am referring to the stories of the members of Legacy of Tyr, our friends and allies. After all, my job is to share, tell and explain our stories but also to document our experiences and lessons for our future generations. I encourage you to contact me with your stories and life experiences as well. I will talk on the phone, take emails, FaceBook messages, or whatever. I want to share our Legacy. It is how we will grow as a tribe and how our future generations will learn from us.

The first story I want to share with all of you is something all our members can relate to: Family.  Family is one of the cornerstones of our faith. What is family and how does it apply? This just happens to be a conversation I had with one of our members.

Blood is one of the factors that make family. It is what carries on who we are, our name and honor is carried in blood. Our blood is one of the anchors of our faith. The thing is, Family is not just blood. It is not just our name. Family is so much more than just blood. We decide who our families are. We know this better than most. I have the family that adopted me, took me in when I had nothing and no one. They are my family. My family is, was and always will be there for me. I have a few friends that even after a decade of being away they have dropped everything to help me, have involved me in major life events. They have even taken me in and fed me when I was in need without question or judgement.

Then, there are the people I served with. The people I laughed and cried with. We celebrated and suffered together. Even a decade after leaving the Army, they are still there for me without question day or night as I am for them. As we do for many that served. As we do within our Tribe.

This is what family is. Yes, only our blood and name gets passed on to a small group, but we are who we become because of our family. In this Tribe, family has a different meaning to us then it does to most and that is in no way a bad thing.

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