Sex and Lethality - By: Ryan Carr

Let’s talk about sex and more specifically how the careless ubiquity of it in the heathen warfighter ranks can affect lethality.  Sex can be healthy, sometimes tiring, sometimes gross, often funny and if you are fortunate it can be beautiful and awesome.  Unfortunately, sex also poses dangers of which there are potential repercussions.  These repercussions affect the modern heathen and present yet another challenging, controversial subject. 

Recently a study released by the RAND corporation suggests that Marines are overwhelmingly engaging in risky sexual behavior compared to the other services.  I did not need to read the study or the associated Marine Corps Times article to know this.  I have worked alongside Marines for most of my career and after nearly every foreign port visit there is a line of young men stretching from the medical bay across the hangar bay.  Though the study highlights the USMC, I am addressing all heathen warfighters as well as first responders.

Christianity and more specifically the Vatican have frowned upon premarital sex throughout most of its history including today as well as discouraging the act outside of marriage.  In the Abrahamic faiths that many of us were raised in, the consequences for individuals taking part in those acts are spiritually damning.  Unfortunately, what we know of the arch heathen view of sex is very limited and often contradictory.  However, in the Eddur there is plenty to suggest that it is common for the gods to have multiple sex partners.  We know that Freya took lovers at will and Njord even defends her and the idea of polyamory in Lokasenna 33 when he states, “It is a small matter whether women sleep with their own men or others’.”  Similarly, pre-marital sex is present in the Icelandic Sagas with the common instance of the “illicit love visit” whereby an unmarried man would come to see a young girl to seduce her.  Extramarital activities are also replete in Sturlunga saga where many men are described with concubines.  The act itself is often described in various euphemisms like “crowding together in bed” or “romping her belly”.  Our Germanic ancestors were apparently “getting it on” quite frequently and with multiple partners.   The Sagas also describe various financial, legal and societal repercussions for the arch heathen depending on the situation just as there may be for the modern heathen today.   

So, what do I think and why am I blabbing on?  I love women and like my ancestors I love sex and I like plenty of it, seriously.  Which is why I hope to one day find a heathen woman that I can consistently have sex with for the rest of my life.  I have made my fair share of mistakes but now as a modern heathen warfighter, it is the societal consequences that I try to stay in tune with the most in any decision making including sexual activity.  I concern myself with what is good for myself and those closest to me.  I look at the best action to keep the frith (peace carrying with it a sense of being free from harm) of my inneryard and consider that good.  Now generally speaking, for most heathens that includes a small circle of family, tribe and other close friends.  The thing though that I think makes the heathen warfighter and first responder community stand apart from the wider heathen community is that those closest to us also include the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Coastguardsmen, Firefighters and Police that we stand watch and patrol with.  Even if they are not actually a close friend they are part of a de facto unit inneryard and the reason being is because we depend on them and they depend on us; lives are at stake and fates are linked.  Because of this, our decisions including sexual should take into account those individuals and by extension, the unit being free from harm.  In the military, maintaining the highest level of lethality generally is the best way to accomplish this.  When a member of a military unit engages in any sexual activity that degrades the readiness or cohesiveness of the unit, the unit is harmed and your unit inneryard is damaged.  There are numerous examples but I will only provide a few.  Fraternization, contracting an STD that prevents you from standing a watch or going on patrol and purposefully timing a pregnancy to depart the pattern prior to deployment.  Pretty much any sexual activity that requires members of your unit to expend man-hours dealing with the consequences of your sexual activity instead of making the unit more lethal.

Heathen warfighters, if you want to “romp her belly” first consider how that affects your inneryard, then consider how that affects your unit inneryard.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this editorial are not necessarily the views of Legacy of Tyr: Warfighter Tribe, but of the author alone.

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