First and foremost, I apologize for the absence in updating the site. The good news is, is that we have been making some progress and setting some goals. 

As you can see, we have a new color scheme.  There's a few reasons as to why:

1. The original color scheme was unintentionally a political dog whistle. The red black and chrome which is actually chrome was misinterpreted by a lot of people because it looks white. We had folks asking if we were Nazis and we had folks asking if we were AntiFa. We are not a political group. We are a spiritual haven. A church, a sanctuary a brotherhood. Politics need to be cast aside so we don't forget why we are here. To serve the gods and our ancestors. Not play political whack a mole. What folks do on the outside is their business as long as we aren’t represented with it. We need to set a neutral setting for all vets and military regardless of their political leaning or who they associate with outside of this group. So the new banner sets that tone very firmly, plus its in more military type colors.

2. As new kindreds pop up, so do people's new banners. The red and black is universally overused. This put us in the same pot as every other group. We're not like every other group. We're a tribe of warfighters. We need an image that stands out.

3. It's a new era. We have fresh blood coming in, we have new alliances soon to be announced, we have new project ideas on the burner. It's time for a fresh start and a clean slate. We've had some set backs and some hurdles and we're still being forged in the fires. The new image is a staunch reminder of the sacrifice Tyr made, but also what this tribe has made and willing to make for our fellow heathen vets. Sometimes sacrificing means putting personal views aside to accomplish greater things for your people. I'm not perfect. We're not perfect but we live and we learn and we forge on.

We have also decided to separate our outreach from our kindred side of the house. Simply put, this allows us to vet people better coming into our circle. It does not mean one part of our operation is more important than the other. Our kindred is a sanctuary built on trust and fellowship. We have a set of rules and traditions we are set in that may not be a good match for everyone. We do hold to views that lean towards somewhat Folkish practices within our kindred, however, what we do with our outreach and networking is for everyone.  As you may know, not everyone is going to be a good match for a group and we feel that keeping the doors to our outreach and networking group will help people find better fits for each other. Legacy of Tyr is friends with both Folkish and not so Folkish groups and organizations. We believe that holding a healthy respect for tribal boundaries while maintaining good relations helps the community as a whole. What may be good for one person may not be a good fit for another, so we will help people find a credible group that fits their needs, that is in good standing with Legacy of Tyr and/or our peers in other organizations.  

We look forward to 2018 and what lies ahead. I promise I will do my best to stay on the updates for the site!

In Faith, 

Carrie L. Pierce

LOT Founder, Chief

USAF 1997-2007

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