Legacy of Tyr Enters Brother Kindred Network

Since the beginning of our existence, Legacy of Tyr has had an unofficial quasi friendship with the Irminfolk Odinist Community members. Irminfolk, like Legacy of Tyr has a number of members who are prior military. These members have worked closely with us helping us network, reaching out to the community and acting as a pillar of support for forging the foundation of what we have built today. The funny thing is, we never knew these people as Irminfolk members. They came to us as fellow heathens and fellow veterans. Fast forward to now, Legacy of Tyr was approached by the Irminfolk Odinist Community about entering their Brotherhood Kindred Network. You're probably saying to yourself "Wait a minute. I thought Legacy of Tyr was neutral and independent."   Well the explanation is simple. Nothing changes with Legacy of Tyr.  

After many big changes in the heathen community as a whole, the Irminfolk and our tribe have grown a close bond and mutual respect for each other. After many late night chat sessions, phone calls, and  becoming personal friends, Michael Sagginario, leader of Irminfolk helped us design and produce our new logo and our very first flag.  The Irminfolk is known for taking interest in helping veterans and military in need. In the recent past they have been known to participate in the March For The Fallen. It is a 24 mile heavy ruck march organized by the Pennsylvania Army national guard to honor the fallen and to raise money for wounded warriors. Participating in causes such as this, is something Legacy of Tyr is hoping to be involved in, in the future. Having common goals that we could work on together is something that we felt could benefit not just both of our organizations, but for heathen veterans and military that span throughout the entire heathen community on a national if not global scale. If anything, it's nice to be in a friendly network of other people who share the same beliefs and send out a message that it's OK to have a heathen community again. 

Again, this does not change our identity, our neutrality, leadership, charter or our traditions. This is merely a network we just joined and making new friends with common goals, but most importantly,  boost support for our goals of expanding our outreach activities. 

Well, What is it? 

Simply Put:

In Sagginario's words an "Extended Family" of kindreds. A sort of public indicator of alignment with Brother and Sister Kindreds around the world with whom we share a common rapport. The idea of this gesture is to generally recognize accomplished and aligned kindreds -wherever they are in the world- as our compatriots, and to develop a closer rapport with them. Exchange ideas, gifts, and heraldry."  

There is no absorption into a bigger organization, taking up someone else's charter, following someone else's rules, or assimilating anyone else's identity or bylaws. We remain who we are, but with a network of other independent heathens organizations working with us on things like our outreach and similar projects. Everyone maintains their tribal boundaries and sovereign identities. In the end, we are hoping for independent kindreds and organizations to join in on growing the community and promoting Asatru without being under one umbrella of a national organization. We believe that individual tribal identity is crucial to a growing population of practitioners of our faith. 

There are currently a total of four organizations in the Brotherhood Alliance. 

Irminfolk Odinist Community

Legacy of Tyr

Nine Gates Odinic Fellowship

 Espiritualidad Eativa Europea.  

Alfrothul is headed by David Wolfheart. They hail from Spain and gave us a very warm welcome and wonderful write up about us on their page.

We are hoping that this newfound alliance expands our network and reaches other military and veteran heathens that are within the ranks of other organizations. In the end, its our Gods, Ancestors and our brothers and sisters who serve and have served that matter. 

Hail The Gods! 

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