This year has been a huge success for Legacy of Tyr thus far. We are currently working towards our 501(C)(3) and our membership ranks are growing as the weeks of 2018 roll by. We are excited to not only see new faces at our gatherings that are potential long term friends and members, but our gatherings have been alive with the presence of families bringing the future generations of our faith and folk with them!  We will soon be scouting for a larger venue for future gatherings!

What is Midsummer?

Midsummer or Midsummersblot is the celebration held at the summer solstice around June 21st. it is important to note that it is not the middle of summer, but the beginning of summer. Many midsummer traditions and festivals can be found to this day around all part of Europe. The most popular of events, is a huge bonfire with storytelling, feasting, drinking and even dancing - sometimes around a huge maypole.   Midsummer is the six month marker day  before Yule. In Germanic faiths, it is popular to recognize the death of the god Baldur the most loved of the Gods. 

This year, due to scheduling, we had our midsummer early. Although Thor decided to shower us with heavy rains the night of our main gathering, things went off successfully with events such as story telling, keynote speakers, and even a fire starting competition! I would also like to take the time to say thanks to the barbecue crew for managing to work some grill magic in the middle of the heavy rains only shielded by a kiddy picnic umbrella!  We are thankful the skies cleared up in time for blot and the night's festivities!


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