Overdue Summer Update

Well, First of all I apologize for the lack in website content. There's really no excuse for it other than things have been so busy. We had a great midsummer at American Heritage Campground, but we are thinking that it is time to possibly expand our horizons into the North Carolina region as well. We have a lot of tribesmen between both states and it's time they all met. 

Midsummer, we celebrated in remembrance of the death of Baldur. 

As the story goes, Balder began to have dark dreams about something bad happening to himself, he went to seek council from the Gods.  They began to worry of bad things to come, especially his mother Frigg and Father Odin, 

As an Idea to safeguard her son's demise, Frigg  ventured throughout all of the nine worlds and have all of nature promise never to hurt Balder. Wood, stones, iron, metal, earth, snakes, disease, beasts and birds all promised to never harm Balder. The only thing that did not promise not to harm Balder was the mistletoe and she did not think it would be of any harm. 

Aterwards, the gods took turns testing everything against Baldur. They threw rocks, shot arrows, anything they could think of only to be met with failure. Unfortunately the trickster god dressed up as a servant girl and went into Frigg's Palace to get more information about everything that promised not to harm Balder. Frigg mistook Loki as a servant girl and told about the  mistletoe being the only thing that did not promise to never hurt Balder. Loki took this opportunity and went to find the little mistletoe plant, and approached Balder's blind twin, Hod. He asked Hod why he was not throwing anything at Balder. 

He  placed the mistletoe in Hod's hand and helped him aim it towards Balder. Hod threw the mistletoe and hit Balder straight in the heart, just like that, Balder fell to the ground dead.

The Gods grieved the loss of Baldur and had his funeral on Ringhorn.  Frigg could not deal with the death of her son, she sent the God Hermod to the land of the dead to find Balder and bring him back. Hermod went through the land of the dead for nine days and nine nights and finally found Balder, he asked Hel if he could bring Balder back because so many people were missing him so much. Hel said that Balder would be able to return if everything on earth missed and grieved for Balder. Hermod went back home with the message from Hel and they continued to grieve.  Loki dressed up as a giantess and named herself Thokk, when Hermod asked him to grieve from Balder he said "I loved him not. Let Hel keep him for as long as he likes. With that, Balder was not aloud to return to the land of the living.

As the sun waned to a sliver over the western horizon, we lit the fires and began our  blot. We  greeted some new friends who came as guests and welcomed extensions to our family into our tribe and shared lots of laughs and good food.  Legacy of Tyr is growing and continues to do such. We are still looking at fundraising options for us to get our non profit status. It is something we feel we should push considering the community as a whole is changing, and of course we need to make changes with it. 

Here we are at the crux of summer. It's starting to wane.  Freyfaxi is coming up shortly and although we might not be celebrating ON the particular day due to scheduling, we are going to have an August gathering in North Carolina. Stay tuned.

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  • 06/21/2018

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