Warfighter Tribe Radio Launch!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Warfighter Tribe Radio!  Warfigther Tribe Radio aka WTR will be a weekly live stream on our YouTube Channel. We will be discussing heathen and military related topics, have round table discussions with people from the community, latest news and topics going on with the Tribe and we even have a number set up on nights we want to take callers!  The stream will be done on Saturdays and (hopefully) 2200 providing we can work out some tech bugs we have been hammering out!

We will have chat turned on and will also begin to accept Super Chats. Proceeds from the Super Chats will go towards our filing fees for 501(c)(3) and what is left over will be put towards outreach events, tribal needs like our monthly website hosting, venue costs etc and any future projects we will get our hands into. 

We hope you all tune in! 

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